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Culbertson, MT: Wheatland Hills Subdivision

Culbertson, Montana

JR Civil constructed a new 45-acre subdivision development for a new housing project consisting of 142 lots of residential units.  Improvements included 6,873 lf of 10” and 8” sanitary sewer ranging in depths of 20’ to 12’ including all manholes and service line connections.  Sanitary Sewer had to be extended from the Towns existing system through the municipality to the new subdivision location.  Storm Drainage included 24” and 18” RCP pipe with inlets and manholes.  Waterline Improvements included 9,154 lf of 8” C-900 including all service connection saddles, corporation stops, 1” service line and curb valves for the domestic services.  JR Civil installed 7,900 CY of aggregate base course and 2,320 tons of asphalt pavement.