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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety is an integral part of risk management at JR Civil. Jr Civil’s history of construction practices have shown that the more harmonized our safety practices are among our employees, contractors, and vendors in terms of accident avoidance, hazard identification, and hazard mitigation, the safer and more successful our project results are.

Our Safety-Is-Paramount approach to each and every project eliminates worksite accidents and incidents through pre-project planning, safety audits and inspections, and training.  Employees undergo initial and refresher safety training classes, obtain safety certifications, and are continuously evaluated to ensure that safety remains the most important priority above all other project related requirements.

We strive to continually improve and identify risk while creating and enforcing programs to reduce exposure for every current and upcoming project.  Project evaluations and employee feedback is not only welcome but required to ensure any risk that was present during one project is reduced or eliminated on the next.  This results in an outstanding safety record in our industry.  JR Civil’s commitment to safety is evident through our EMR of 0.7340 and a TRIR of ZERO.

We’re committed to the health and safety for all project members and the community alike.

Interested in Becoming a Team Member?

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